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Zero – West Memphis Three RARE Limited Edition Skateboard Decks

mufinmaan1 is selling a limited edition set of three decks from Zero Skateboards. These were released in 2006 as part of a tribute to West Memphis Three. The set includes 1 with Damien Wayne Echols – 1 with Charles Jason Baldwin – 1 with Jessie Loyd Misskelley jr.

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Zero Skateboards Beanie Rare Green

packarat is selling an older Zero Skateboards beanie. Everything looks good, just make sure you wash it before you wear it.

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supreme212 has a rare Zero Skateboard. This board was pulled from Zero’s line back in the early 2000’s because of a C&D from Bob Marley’s Estate. The deck features a weed leaf that is painted on the nose. It can only be seen when light is reflected of the board.

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Well now that this muthafucker is dead I guess people will be looking for anything with his face on it. This deck was released back in 2002 by Zero. Adrian Lopez generously donated all the profits to the American Red Cross. I can’t believe after 10 years they finally smoked this nigga. perfectwave is trying to capitalize of this assholes death. And rightfully so its’ about time we got something out of this. Thanks President Obama for holding up your end of the deal. And thank you Chuck Norris for inspiring us with movies like Delta Force. Might as well cross of the bottom of this deck and put FOUND DEAD.

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Mystery Skateboards 3 part Surreal Series PLUS Bonus Deck

Mystery Skateboards for those of you who don’t know, was born out of the Zero family. Jamie Thomas is the master mind behind yet another great company. 10courtney13 is selling a rare limited set of decks. These three decks take their artistic cues from the Surreal art form. Pretty much Salvador Dali style if you must. There is also a 4th bonus deck included which spoofs the old copper tone Ad. I think the artwork is awesome if anyone knows who the artist is let me know.

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