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Slap Magazine Issue 1 1992

peckhillmusic is selling the premier issue of one of the most beloved and missed skate magazines, Slap. This issue was a mere $1.50 when it hit the news stands in 1992.

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Dave Kinsey Strength Magazine Limited Edition Skate Deck

Strength Magazine was one of my favorite skateboard magazines back in the day. They always had great photos and articles. beachlife305 has the right description about this item. This was a limited edition deck done by artist Dave Kinsey. I actually have a limited Kaws shirt that was given away with the magazine. This is a great art piece to own.

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genuinestolenstuff is selling a treasure trove of Christian Hosoi decks. She is helping her husband part with his entire collection of Hosoi decks in order to pay some bills. This auction deserves a look there some really awesome pictures of the entire collection. Check out this description.

” Let me start by saying my husband never had ANY intentions of EVER selling this collection. These boards took him years to compile and he is devastated that I am going to have to sell these for him. He ran in to a bit of a difficult situation and is being forced to part with some of his prized possessions. That being said let me tell you what I know about his collection. There are 50, yes, 50 decks, 7 sets of wheels, and well over 100 stickers! Beyond that I don’t know anything about them. Almost every single deck seems to be in mint or very nice condition. A fellow skateboard collector friend of my husbands came over and gave me a rough idea as to what most of these items are worth and just from looking around here on ebay it would seem that the stickers alone could be worth almost half the asking price. From what his friend told me there has never been another Hosoi collection like this offered for sale anywhere ever. I will be happy to try to answer any questions that I am able to about the pieces themselves but I’m afraid I know nothing about his skateboards. Thanks for looking and I hope these find a good home. Be sure to check my other items for the remaining items from his skateboard collection.

First off I would like to thank EVERYONE who has contacted me with input and information, it is very helpful. So with the info I have been given so far it would appear that two of the decks are some kind of one off reproductions. These would be the yellow sims with the rising sun design and the white and red Alva Hosoi. Upon closer inspection they are decks with vinyl graphics on them. Also the white and red rising sun design sims that is still in plastic I’m told is a recently made board. I’m told the other rising sun Hosoi is not a reproduction. Evidently the “Hosoi” graphic on the reproduction is written smoothly and on originals is jagged. Other than the two mentioned here first, all the other boards appear to be screen printed. Also as for the stickers I’m told the board shaped stickers are recently made and most likely purchased right here off ebay but the rest seem to be original. I hope this was helpful and I will try to update this with any more info I receive. Thank you all so much“.

Now that’s cool!

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Late 90’s skateboarding videos at its best

This collection of videos looks surprisingly like my own. All these videos are essential to the history of late 90’s skateboarding. I remember buying these and watching them over and over. In fact I still own some these, and yes I do have VCR some where. For the price I recommend buying these, its hard to find some of them on DVD. I’m sure the Transworld and 411 videos are on DVD but I’m not sure about Photosynthesis or the Shortys videos. matthphoto214 has put together a list of the videos in case you are interested. I think I’m going to dig up my videos this weekend and watch them.

411VM # 14
411VM # 17
411VM # 18
411VM # 24
411VM # 33
411VM – Europe 1998
Transworld Skateboading video #9 – The Reason , feat Stevie williams, cairo foster and a ton of others
Transworld Skateboading video Anthology
Transworld Skateboading Greatest Hits – everyone at the time is on this video.
Alien Workshop – Photosynthesis
Zoo York – Official Zoo
Es – Menikmati – This Video is amazing!!!!!
The Chocolate Tour – A Classic!
Shorty’s – Team Video
Shorty’s – Fullfill the Dream – Another Classic from the late 90’s

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