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3 RARE Stussy x HUF SF Decks

bowisvitton is selling three great Stussy X HUF collaboration decks. These were released back in 2007 and are rare. Stussy or die.

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Rare Vintage 80’s STUSSY t-shirt skateboard 8 ball logo

rarestuff0199 is selling a rare Stussy shirt from the 80’s. You can tell this shirt is old because it is printed on screen stars. This was before Stussy had their own tags on their clothing. I really hope this isn’t a bootleg because it is a really cool long sleeve tee.

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Stussy x Michael Leon Skateboard Deck

calasthe1st is selling a cool Stussy Michael Leon deck. this was released back in 2005. Stussy “Nobody Walks”.

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STUSSY Punk Rock cassette tapes Shirt- COLDWORLD Style-Wilkes Barre Hardcore

Does anyone on Teetilldeath know if the Stussy shirt that sector7ggg is selling inspired the Coldworld cassette tape shirt? It looks really similar and I wasn’t sure if this was discussed in one of your earlier post.

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Stussy Fanny Pack

nssmedia is selling a Stussy fanny pack from the early 90’s. Do you remember when people were going crazy for fanny packs? Or maybe you prefer hip sack. Hey baby I got some rubbers in my hip sack. Yo homes I just bust my ass on this hand rail. Can you go into my hip sack and get me a band aid? I know Murphy is a big fan of hip sacks, they are perfect for holding your wallet and cliff bar while cycling.

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Sexy Stussy Skateboard Deck by Mister Mr Cartoon

calasthe1st is selling an awesome longboard from Stussy. The artwork as you can see is by the legendary Mr. Cartoon. Mr. Cartoon has been drawing, tattooing and painting for years. His style is based on Mexican American culture. Mr.Cartoon has worked with more famous than you. Nike, Eminem, Dr.Dre, Cypress Hill, Soul Assassins, Beyonce, Toyota, T-Mobile. When your resume is like that you know you got cred.

That’s what I call tagging some ass.

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