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Slap Magazine Issue 1 1992

peckhillmusic is selling the premier issue of one of the most beloved and missed skate magazines, Slap. This issue was a mere $1.50 when it hit the news stands in 1992.

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Vintage Slap Magazine Hat

pelletier71 is selling a vintage Slap Magazine hat from 1993. This is a rare snap back in great shape. Slap is still an awesome magazine. Pick this up and wear it while you’re in the bathroom taking a shit reading Slap.

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Now this is what I call a fucking Banner. I would be proud to hang this up. You know how people hang those stupid flags with flowers or windmills in front of their homes. Well I would hang this bad boy instead. jdhjdh81 is selling this cheap too. Get on it be the Antihero of the block.

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Dave Kinsey Strength Magazine Limited Edition Skate Deck

Strength Magazine was one of my favorite skateboard magazines back in the day. They always had great photos and articles. beachlife305 has the right description about this item. This was a limited edition deck done by artist Dave Kinsey. I actually have a limited Kaws shirt that was given away with the magazine. This is a great art piece to own.

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You can’t go wrong with a Consolidated skate deck. They always have some awesome graphics. clubb76 is selling one of my personal favorites. The BOOBIES deck. I’m sure you have seen these shirts being sold down at the jersey shore. I always see some dad with his kids and his fat wife wearing one of these shirts walking around on the boardwalk. I recommend this board if you want to get aquainted with different kinds of breasts. Sometimes you need a guide so you know what you are getting into. It may also come in handy when you’re at a club or bar checking out skirts. This way you’ll know what kind of BOOBS you’re hanging out with.

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lkptpride is selling a few back issues of Slap. I really enjoyed this magazine back in the day. They always had a lot of east coast coverage as well as good band interviews. I remember the Warzone interview they did with Raybeez before he died

August 1992
September 1996
April 1998
December 1999
September 2000

I actually still have some these in my garage. Check the Redemption 87 interview. Low starting bid perfect for bathroom reading get on it.

This is a lot of Thrasher Magazines same seller as above.Here’s what you get:

March 1993 (2 issues)
May 1992
September 1993
August 1991
April 1994
March 1994
January 1994
November 1992
July 1995
February 1994
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