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Vintage 1980s Original Rob Roskopp Santa Cruz Deck

livemylife27 is selling a vintage Rob Roskopp deck from Santa Cruz Skateboards. This is a must have for all you older dudes.

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skikatdaddio has a cool Christian Hosoi Hammerhead II deck for sale. This mini deck is in awesome shape and appears to be signed by Hosoi too. I’m not sure if its O.G. but you should ask the seller.

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Vintage skateboard VISION Teamboard “Vern board”

Wow France has a lot of Skateboards hiding out. ratondu81 is selling this Vintage Vision Skateboard Teamboard “Vern” Printed during the gulf war. Talk about rare.

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Vintage Skateboard Danny Way H-Street

crepnak is selling a vintage Danny Way H-street deck. Definitely a great addition to a collection. I have to say the graphic held up pretty well over the years. I hope its not a bootleg.

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Rare Hook-Ups “Lady of the Flying Guillotine” Skateboard

This rare Hook-Ups deck that 514robbieg is selling has nothing to do with Kill Bill. Rather it is a spoof of the 70’s Kung-Fu film Master of the Flying Guillotine. Another rare deck for the tits collections.


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Rare Hook-ups “School Sucks” Skateboard 2000

Here’s the thing school does suck. No one wants to get up early in the morning and go and sit in a building for 7 hours. But lets face it if your teacher looked like she walked out a Van Halen video, I would have to say that you’re going to school. You see nothing pisses the girls off more than a hot teacher. They know that all the guys in the class want to fuck her. That drives girls nuts. In the end you reap the benefits of girls giving up more to keep your attention. 514robbieg should have all your attention with these Hook-ups auctions.

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Rare Hook-Ups School Girl Raven 2003 Deck

According to the seller 514robbieg this deck is also known as Milk Tits. But I know it as School Girl Raven. I think Milk Tits is much better than Raven. When I see this deck I don’t think Poe I think Milk Tits.

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Powell Peralta Tony Hawk PIG Skateboard 1983

Well what did I say about Tony Hawk decks. There are plenty for everyone. Take this deck that creeg1 is selling. Check out the description. “This is the board every collector wants to own: A complete Powell Peralta Tony Hawk “PIG” Skateboard.

The copyright for the design was 1983 and V. Courtland Johnson’s initials can be seen on the lower right of the Iron Cross and chicken skull.

Everything on the board is original and vintage. This can go up on your wall or you can ride it.

I am only owner since it was purchased new in the 1980’s. The board was treated well and lightly used.

The design and paint on the bottom are very clean with vibrant colors.
Growing up on country ranch in Northern California the board did not get much use. It never hit any curbs either, which is why the bottom is so pristine.

Wheels: Alva Rocks 90-A

Trucks: Gull Wings Pro

Powell Peralta Nose Guard which is imprinted “Powell Nose Bone Wide”.”

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Vintage Powell Peralta Tony Hawk Bonite XT

sylvaere is selling a vintage Tony Hawk deck. I’m telling you these decks must have been issued with boxes of cereal. Everyone seems to have owned one in the 80’s.

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Zorlac Metallica Chop-Stix Version 1 Skateboard

Check out cutiepiemommy description. ” Up for bid here is an original classic Zorlac Metallica Skateboard. I believe its sometimes referred to as the “Chop Stix” model. This was first made in ’88 or ’89 and is the first year model of this graphic. The Zorlac logo just under the graphic is done in a different text on all the models of this deck after this one. (see Wheelbite Zorlac Collection website for comparison) It has been gently used but is fully intact. The nose and tail show some wear but the shape is fully there. The grip tape has been removed to show that great wood grain on the top. The trucks are old school Independent 169’s and look to have no grind marks. The wheels are NOS OJ II’s in that great blue color. Over all an excellent board. The paint has flaked a little from the Metallica screen but the rest of the graphic is just awesome. The board was already drilled for rails when I collected it so I simply added a new set of Ugly Sticks which fit the existing holes perfectly.”

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