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Per Welinder Nordic Skull

My buddy was cruising his local thrift shop when he came across what appears to be an original Per Welinder Powell Peralta Nordic Skull tshirt. The thing is glorious. Seriously, just amazing. And it’s definitely not a recent reprint as I believe it’s on a Stedman Hi Cru shirt. Amazing. Haven’t seen on up on ebay in ages. Anyone know what they’re worth now? Based on this deck being sold by mudboss300, I’m guessing my buddy stumbled onto a goldmine.

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Powell Peralta – Per Welinder

I’ve always thought this Per Welinder deck was just evil. It just looks crazy on that Nordic tip. I can just see Per shredding every surface on one of these. And I’m sure you’ve seen him shred too. From Future Primitive to Ban This to Back To The Future … that’s right, Back To The Future. He was one of the stunt doubles. Mind blowing, eh? And he got that job because he could shred. If it wasn’t for Rodney Mullen, Per would have been the top dog for years. Still, #2 is better than #100, right? Go ahead and grab this excellent deck from skate_florida. It looks beautiful and would look awesome gracing any collection. Peep that Hosoi Hammerhead II while you are at it. Drool.

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