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JEFF KOONS Supreme Skateboard set of 3

It shaping up to be a day of sets. I swear I didn’t plan it this way. gitdownonit is selling the complete set of 3 Supreme Jeff Koons decks. The last time I featured this it was for only one of the decks. Now you can own the whole set.

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JEFF KOONS Supreme Skateboard Deck

madneet is selling a Jeff Koons Supreme Deck. This piece is limited to 400 pieces. This is part of a three part series that Supreme put out in 2009. Let’s ride the Monkey train to the BX.

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MR. Supreme 3 Deck Skateboard SET

Well well once again the Japanese have come through with something I can 100% support. chau003 was lucky enough to get the whole set because individually these are not as funny. Mr. who worked under Japanese artist Murakami has brought Supreme some of his awesome flavor. I asked my girlfriend to take a look at this post before I put it up. Her first reply was “they have cocks”. “School girls with cocks” as you can see Cocks this is what we are looking at.

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