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Wowee zowee! woklong is unloading an original VISION Mark Gonzales t-shirt! This is the OG Gonz graphic and it will forever be remembered as such. $160 BIN isn’t that bad considering the condition of this shirt! Tag says size large but make sure you read the measurements before you go ham.

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Vtg Mark Gonzales 1986 Vision Face Skateboard

I love gets that come with old stickers. Don’t get me wrong if the deck is mint don’t put stickers on it. Bu if the deck is used like the one 75guy is selling. Then maybe a couple old stickers will distract from all the scratched and dents. This 1986 Vision Mark Gonzales deck is still worth hanging on the wall.

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Vintage VISION Mark Gonzales BIG FACE Skateboard Deck Rare 1989

esmalls is selling a vintage Gonz deck from Vision. Once again the graphic has held up due to the all mighty rails. This chick has a huge face.

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As this month comes to a close I’d like to take a moment to reflect on Black History Month. Let us not forget all those men and women who fought for civil rights and equality. Skateboarding has always done things a little different, the artwork has never been afraid to be controversial. This particular board was illustrated by Mark Gonzales for Milk skateboard’s pro Ron Chatman. Chatman was one of the few professional African American skateboarders in the early 90’s who received a lot of attention. Ron was pro for World Industries, 60/40 and Milk. He bridged the gap for many skateboarders who may have felt that they did not fit in a sport that was mostly dominated by Caucasians. Don’t get me wrong when I say all of this but lets face it race and difference in culture always surround us. Skateboarding like many sports and art forms has helped break down some barriers that would otherwise plague younger generations. With that being said oldies-cool is from France and is selling this super rare deck. The board is in pretty good shaped for a used deck. It will probably be a while before you see this again. In case some you don’t know Ron was not only an accomplished street skater but also a great vert skater.



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Real Skateboard designed by Pushead limited release 500

I love Pushead. chad7143 is selling one of my favorite designs by Pushead. This deck is from the Real OG Remix Project. Real released only 500 of this limited edition deck designed by Pushead. The board was released back in 2005 and is limited to 500 pieces and hand numbered by the master himself Pushead.

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Krooked limited Edition “Kaws” Skateboard decks

runningronin7 is selling two limited edition Kaws decks from Krooked Skateboards. I’m not going to get into the biography of Kaws except that he is a artist and designer from New York. Krooked is a skate company founded by pro Mark Gonzalez to show case different artist’s work. There have been many guest artists and skaters who have created decks for Krooked. These two decks are limited and no longer available. The green/gray deck was released in 2004 and limited to 400 pieces. The yellow/gray was released in 2006 and limited to 600. These are not easy to find anymore so I would jump on this.

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