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Vintage World Industries Chris Branagh Looney Toons Chicken

franciscojose is selling a rare World Industries deck from the early 90’s. I guess times are really tough in Spain, because this dude is selling some cool decks. I love the classic Mark McKee artwork. I just hope this not some really good boot from Europe.

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Cease & Desist Warner Brothers Rip-Off Set World Industries 101 Blind C&D

ride_sb_313 is letting this 5-piece CEASE & DESIST Warner Brothers-inspired deck lot go. For a hefty BIN price you can check them all of your list.

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NOS 1995 Girl Sheffey vintage skateboard

This is one of my favorite Girl decks from the early 90’s. I’m not sure how cyountz was able to keep this deck wrapped up, but I will say its amazing to see one NOS.

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Cease and Desist World Industries DUNE Skateboard RED Number 98 To A Limited Run Of ONLY 100 Decks!

Yet another extremely limited but Cease and Desist Skateboard. This time platinumanimation is selling the Chris “Dune” Pastras World Industries Red Monster deck. Many of you may know this guy from Looney Toons. His name is actually Gossamer and he is a very interesting person. This deck is numbered 98/100 so its pretty rare. If you don’t have the pleasure of owning an original maybe you could pick this up.

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