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Powell Peralta Kevin Harris deck

cdogg007 is selling this Powell Peralta Kevin Harris pro model freestyle deck. I’d rate this is the second most classic freestyle graphic next to Rodney Mullen’s “Chessboard” deck.

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Vintage Powell Peralta Rodney Mullen Chessboard deck

650trader has so much heat on the `Bay right now, I don’t know where to start! We’ll begin with this Powell Peralta Rodney Mullen “Chessboard” deck. Deck is pretty thrashed but the whole of the graphic is pretty intact. I just watched the new trailer for the Bones Brigade documentary and I’m psyched to see this dude get emo in it.

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Vintage Powell Peralta 1980 Vato Rat Skateboard Deck Autographed

wmdevo917 has a great story about this Powell Peralta Vato Rat deck he is selling. “This a original Powell Peralta Vato Rat.. I am the original owner.. I bought this board in the 1980’s from a store in woodbridge NJ named “freestyle”when the store was going out of business.. I traveled to the bones brigade 1988 summer tour at “brave new world”( still have tour sticker) where I got Kevin Harris and Tommy Guerrero to sign it alone with Andy Howell.. They where amused with the board then..I then brought the board to a SMA demo where I got Jim Thiebaud and Natas to sign it..my goal was obtain as many signatures from my era of skating as possible but it remained in my friends skate shop.. I own many boards and this is one that is hard to part with but needs to be with a collector.. I will email any photos and answer any questions.. This is such an amazing board.. Real history.. Thank you. “

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Vintage 80s Powell & Peralta Kevin Harris Sweat Shirt

compton-street is selling a vintage Kevin HarrisPowell Peralta crew neck sweat shirt. I have to say this sweat shirt looks fucking fresh as hell. The seller definitely took great care of it. If you are a Canadian then you will probably want to own this. If you are American then you won’t give a fuck.

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Vintage Powell Peralta Kevin Harris Freestyle Deck

chiparoog is selling a vintage Kevin Harris Powell Peralta freestyle deck. This deck is in amazing shape, definitely a must have for Powell collectors.

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