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Rare Ozzy Alvarez Kiss Skateboard Deck

10yoshi15 is selling a rare Ozzy Alvarez deck from Human Skateboards. I remember this deck being out in the early 90’s. Human Skateboards did not last long. The only people I recall riding for them was Gershon Mosley and Andy Macdonald. I’m sure there were others. Anyway this is a dope deck to own, and it’s in great shape.

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1997 Vintage Human Skateboards Einstein Rare

March 14 was Einstein’s birthday. This day is known as PI day in Princeton,NJ. The man was a genius when it came to physics. If he was still alive he would love to explain the science behind Skateboarding. ghostcavalry is selling this old Human Skateboard’s deck. Human came out in the 90’s and the only pro I can think of the top of my head is Gershon Mosely. The man was a tech master.

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