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Vintage Rodney Mullen Freestyle Deck

monsterp69 is selling a vintage Rodney Mullen freestyle deck from Powell. I don’t think we have featured this one before, usually it’s the skeleton on the chess board. The price is a little questionable, but if you can handle it then do it.

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Vintage Powell Peralta Per Welinder Freestyle Skateboard

skatehouse is selling a vintage Per Welinder complete from Powell Peralta. This deck is in great shape for hanging. I would not recommend riding it around town. You could probably put some new grip on it as well.

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Santa Cruz Ray Meyer complete

cj442 is selling this Santa Cruz freestyle complete. It’s a Ray Meyer pro model and is in pretty good shape. The bottom graphic is awesome and completely visible.

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Vintage Rodney Mullen World Industries Freestyle deck

laurie1034 is selling a vintage Rodney Mullen World Industries deck. This was Rodney’s first deck for World after he left Powell. This deck is really hard to find because skateboarding was not popular at this point.I believe this deck was released in 1990.

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Vintage Powell Peralta Rodney Mullen Chessboard deck

650trader has so much heat on the `Bay right now, I don’t know where to start! We’ll begin with this Powell Peralta Rodney Mullen “Chessboard” deck. Deck is pretty thrashed but the whole of the graphic is pretty intact. I just watched the new trailer for the Bones Brigade documentary and I’m psyched to see this dude get emo in it.

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World Industries Rodney Mullen Glue Freestyle deck

You don’t see this one too often. Among other ill shit, sk8orfry has this World Industries Rodney Mullen up right now. This is Mullen’s first deck on WI and is in great shape. Some scuffing and drillings for tail/nosebone, but other than that it looks sick. I’m not positive when Rodney wrapped up the freestyle and became a regular street skate but this deck looks like it’s still in the freestyle shape, which is cool to me.

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VISION Don Brown Pro Model Vintage Complete Freestyle Skateboard

xolufus is selling an awesome vintage Don Brown Vision deck. This freestyle pro model is in amazing shape. Vision should re-release this deck in a new shape.

Vision Skateboards

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Vintage Powell Peralta Per Welinder Freestyle Complete

jake2311g is selling a vintage Powell Peralta freestyle deck. This Per Welinder complete is in great shape, check out the mini Independent Trucks. Don’t sleep on this.

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Vintage 1986 Vision Don Brown Freestyle Skateboard

Don Brown is the fucking man. From world renowned freestyle skateboarder to founder of Soletech. The man has done it all. Now you can bring home a vintage Don Brown deck. 1779dean is selling this vintage Vision Skateboards Freestyle Deck. Awesome deck pick it up. Don bring back some retro Etnies and ES shoes.

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Vintage Powell Peralta Kevin Harris Freestyle Deck

chiparoog is selling a vintage Kevin Harris Powell Peralta freestyle deck. This deck is in amazing shape, definitely a must have for Powell collectors.

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