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Vintage First Division Wheels Shirt

landspeed75 is selling a vintage First Divison shirt. Back in the 90’s East Coast skaters had a lot of pride. Zoo York was one of the most popular decks to ride. Ricky Oyola and friends decided to start an East Coast Wheel Company like Nicotine Wheels. First Division was born. I use to love their wheels, I actually still have a pair of 62mm Oyola wheels. The wheels were big and hard, perfect for fast street skating.

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Vintage Skateboard FIRST DIVISION T-shirt

laandspeed75 is selling a vintage First Division shirt from the mid 90’s. I use to own this shirt back in the day. I was all about East Coast Urethane. To bad I couldn’t skate like the dudes that repped these wheels. I’m talking about Mike Maldonado, Ricky Oyola, Donny Barley, Matt Reason and other east coast skaters. I actually still have a set of 62 MM wheels on a blank DNA deck.

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New Deal Skateboards Ricky Oyola 2001

If you know anything about east coast skateboarding then you know the name Ricky Oyola. Ricky is synonymous with Philly street skating. He is known for skating super fast in underground parking lots and train stations. He is also one of the few people who still does sick wall rides, pole jams and big fucking ollies. I remember watching him skate at Love Park it was sick. ghostcavalry is selling one of Ricky’s decks from New Deal Skateboards, this came out in the late 90’s I believe. Ricky was also one of the original 90’s heads on Zoo York. Ricky still skates today and also owns his own company called Traffic Skateboards. Check em out, rep the east coast. We got the best Hip-Hop, the best Hardcore and the gnarliest street terrain.


This is my favorite part in the classic video Eastern Exposure 3.

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