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Stussy Fanny Pack

nssmedia is selling a Stussy fanny pack from the early 90’s. Do you remember when people were going crazy for fanny packs? Or maybe you prefer hip sack. Hey baby I got some rubbers in my hip sack. Yo homes I just bust my ass on this hand rail. Can you go into my hip sack and get me a band aid? I know Murphy is a big fan of hip sacks, they are perfect for holding your wallet and cliff bar while cycling.

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The Fanny Pack

I began telling a story about skateboarding and fanny packs over on ttd when I realized it would be much more appropriate over here. I was talking about the late 80s and the hey day of all things skateboard merch. You have to admit, those were the days. From crazy ass pants to weirdo shades to … fanny packs. Fuck yeah. Fanny packs were huge back then. Today, we look back and laugh, but at the time, they were HUGE. Now it’s gone back to the mom scene. Mom never rocked any packs as good as the ones provided by roxyanddeez, fasinfrankvintage or platinumanimation though. Vision Street Wear and Airwalk had the fanny pack market cornered. They had the best designs and the illest graphic. For your trip down memory lane pleasure, here’s a few you can still pick up NOS (new old stock). I’m telling you, if I was going to tour Europe with a band, I would snag one of these, dumb fast.

Ordered from least cool to excellent.

I definitely picked up this one for my sister in law. Great look.

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