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neverslick is selling a vintage World Industries Jeremy Klein deck. This deck is in amazing shape and has a really low starting bid. Don’t sleep on this, it will sell.

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Vintage Slap Magazine Hat

pelletier71 is selling a vintage Slap Magazine hat from 1993. This is a rare snap back in great shape. Slap is still an awesome magazine. Pick this up and wear it while you’re in the bathroom taking a shit reading Slap.

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Vintage Jason Lee Grinch Deck

Sike! I lied. beverlyhillshotel is selling a reissue C&D limited to 100. This is one of my favorite Jason Lee graphics. Even though this is not an original it’s cool to own.

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Does anyone know about these shoes that made2skate is selling? I never knew that Droors made shoes. If these are legit they would nice to own. Even though they look like Chuck Taylors.

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Stussy Fanny Pack

nssmedia is selling a Stussy fanny pack from the early 90’s. Do you remember when people were going crazy for fanny packs? Or maybe you prefer hip sack. Hey baby I got some rubbers in my hip sack. Yo homes I just bust my ass on this hand rail. Can you go into my hip sack and get me a band aid? I know Murphy is a big fan of hip sacks, they are perfect for holding your wallet and cliff bar while cycling.

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Bad Religion Skateboard deck RARE

Well Bad Religion are on tour now making their rounds across the country. And just.one.more.deck has something that you will not be able to find anywhere else. That’s right a rare Bad Religion Fish tail deck. I have not seen one of these before so I’m not sure how rare it is. I do know that you will not find this in their merch store.

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Plan B Sean Sheffey 1993 Very Rare The Thing OG

This is probably one of my favorite Sean Sheffey decks that came out in the 90’s. I even featured it two weeks ago on ComicNoize. I guess no one wanted to take thebestofskateboarding up on his offer. I wonder if this is a Sean Cliver or Andy Jenkins graphic.The Thing was always a misunderstood person always so angry but a great friend to have. I guess that kind of describes Sean Sheffey, misunderstood but a great skater and friend to have.

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Do you guys remember Droors** clothing? Well I do. They had the style back in the early 90’s. Modeled after Nautica and Polo Sport Droors was a high end clothing line that DCSHOECO put out. Both companies were under Circus Distribution and owned by Danny Way and Ken Block. Later Droors along with Dub was sold to Dwindle Distribution who owned Blind and World Industries. The company soon went under and most of their left overs ended up at Marshalls and TJMAXX. duneskate1 is selling one of those O.G. hoodies from the DC days of Droors. This is really hard to find I remember owning some their tees but I think I got rid of them. I would pick this up but it is a medium so no go.

**Droors is pronounced Draws.
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