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Santa Cruz Duane Peters Pig Skateboard

twisterling is selling a vintage Duane Peters deck fromSanta Cruz. This is a great vintage pig deck.

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Duane Peters is the O.G. hesher. This dude still skates harder you even on his worse day. turnofthecenturytoyz is selling a vintage Peters deck from Santa Cruz.

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diyw02 is selling a vintage Santa Cruz Skateboard from everyone favorite punk rock skater. Duane Peters is the fucking man he is still out there shredding and rocking everyday. Bring home this awesome vintage deck.

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Vintage Duane Peters Santa Cruz Skateboard 1983

I thought we’d end the night on a good note. alastor_68 is selling a rare vintage Duane Peters skate deck from Santa Cruz. Peters is one of the original punk rock skaters. Guess what? He is still punk as fuck and harder than you. Duane Peters O.G. punker, hesher,shredder and family man. Thanks Duane for keepin’ the faith.

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Duane Peters Guest Model Reissue deck

Duane Peters was always such a crazy skater. I always loved this dude’s style, appearance wise he had the look down and the skating to match it. It was partially through Duane and his bands that I was able to discover Punk Rock. Who else shreds as hard as him at 50? hidalgojim Is selling the reissue of skull skates “guest model” deck. Love this board, such a great shape.

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