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buttahfingaz again with the vintage jackets. This time we have a sweet Dub Jacket. This is one of the dopest windbreakers/lite snowboard jackets. Dub was a snowboard clothing company under the Circus Distribution umbrella (DCSHOECO,DROORS,DUB). The company folded up in the early 2000’s as the demand for high priced skate clothing started to decline. The Company was sold to World Industries who eventually shut it down. It’s always nice to come across a Dub jacket every now and then. This is a great look.

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Droors was one of the first premium skate clothing companies. They modeled their lines after such big brands as Polo Sport and Nautica.duneskate1 is sellling an awesome jacket from the late 90’s. This jacket is in great shape looks almost brand new. Droors was a great brand, it sad to see that there is no market for clothing like that in skateboarding anymore.

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Do you guys remember Droors** clothing? Well I do. They had the style back in the early 90’s. Modeled after Nautica and Polo Sport Droors was a high end clothing line that DCSHOECO put out. Both companies were under Circus Distribution and owned by Danny Way and Ken Block. Later Droors along with Dub was sold to Dwindle Distribution who owned Blind and World Industries. The company soon went under and most of their left overs ended up at Marshalls and TJMAXX. duneskate1 is selling one of those O.G. hoodies from the DC days of Droors. This is really hard to find I remember owning some their tees but I think I got rid of them. I would pick this up but it is a medium so no go.

**Droors is pronounced Draws.
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