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Rare Guy Mariano Claudia Schiffer Skateboard Deck

i_want_2_rvca_u is selling a rare Guy Mariano deck from Girl. This is the famous Jason Lee Claudia Schiffer deck from Blind. Artwork by the great Sean Cliver.

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It figures Kate Moss would love LA COKA NOSTRA. Dissizit is a clothing company that puts out skate and hip-hop fashion. This deck was designed as part of the LA COKA NOSTRA series. The head creative mind behind Dissizit is Slick. Slick in case you don’t know is a awesome graf artist. bigcrug70 is selling this deck and one other one complete. Not a bad deal.

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Claudia Schiffer 90’s Powell Peralta Adam McNatt skateboard rare

Looks like we have a second Claudia Schiffer deck on our hands. This time its from Powell Peralta. The deck in particular is an Adam McNatt from 1992 complete with banana shape double kick tails. The artwork is by John Keester.0055133 is selling this board all the way from Japan. I have to say I like the Jason Lee version better. But this one has a love note. How about that Mr. Lee!?!

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Cease and Desist Blind Jason Lee CLAUDIA SCHIFFER

When I think to myself what is a Supermodel? My answer is Claudia Schiffer. I always wondered how David Copperfield landed her. But I guess if you are the best magician in the world you can make anything happen. Jason Lee had the same thought as well. Who wouldn’t want to have one of the hottest women in the world on their deck.platinumanimation is selling this reissue from Blind Skateboard’s cease and desist series. The deck is extremely limited and this one happens to be 13/100. The board itself has a classic early 90’s double tail shape. I would love to own this for myself.  

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