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Schmitt Stix John Lucero complete

Wow! jasinatate is selling John Lucero’s first pro model for SCHMITT STIX and the first in his most popular graphic series. The graphics on this deck look great and it will look great if you strip it for a wall hanger or keep it as-is.

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Rare 1990 Black Label John Lucero Van Skateboard

madonemadone is selling a rare John Lucero deck from Black Label Skateboards. I know for a fact I have never posted this deck before. This deck is in really good shape. May have to bid on it.


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NOS H-Street Matt Hensley King Size deck

Here’s another slammer from munkerson. This is an NOS H-Street Matt Hensley “Limited Edition” King Size deck. I’m interested to watch how much this rare piece goes for. I remember when I was a lil’ beb and H-Street was the coolest company going. It was cool to have the H-Street logo cut out of your grip tape.

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Salman Agah X Ill Repute X BlackLabel

towerkv76 is selling a vintage Salman Agah Black Label deck. I remember when this Ill Repute inspired deck dropped. I bought five for my shop. I thought it would sell quick. Sadly they did not. Kids really are fucking stupid, they don’t know good music. I did however give one to Aaron Dalbec from Bane who said he wanted a cool deck. Salman was one of my favorite skaters but especially for one reason. He is a brown skater who wasn’t African American or Hispanic. It sounds stupid but being brown in a sport that doesn’t have many brown people inspires other brown kids to skate. That and he obviously likes Punk and Hardcore. So me being brown and into Punk and Hardcore I found some common ground. Oh I almost forgot this deck is autographed too.

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Park your ass on this Black Label chair!

Why would you make a chair out of perfectly good Blacklabel Skateboards. I Hope highwaysmiles realizes that you are never going to be able to have a silent fart on this chair. Have you ever farted on a bench? That shit resonates. It fucking vibrates. Go ahead try it at a park or bus stop. I guarantee you people will hear that shit. I think once in grade school I farted on a wooden chair in class. The nun said it was gods thunder.

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KRISTIAN SVITAK Anti-Swas Black Label Skateboard

Do you think this Black Label deck why-buy-new-reuse is selling sold well in Israel. I bet it wasn’t a hit in Germany. I remember having this deck at my shop back in the early 2000’s. Definitely not one you want in the window.

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Hook-Ups Auto Theft Banner Plus 11 more Banners

1bymystuff1 is selling this awesome Hook-Ups Banner plus 11 others for a low price.

Lot of 12 (twelve) Skateboard banners:

Authentic Hook-Ups Auto Theft Girls Skateboard brand banner/poster (RARE!) -25.5″w x 31.5″l (has metal grommets to hang it).

Flip Banner measures about 3′ x 3′.

4 vinyl banners. Blind Skateboards, Darkstar Skateboards, Tensor Trucks, Zero Skateboards. 30″ ruler is shown for scale.

HUGE spitfire banner – 4′ wide by about 5′ high,
4′ x 4′ Santa Cruz banner.

The birdhouse and Firm banners are about 2′ x 2′.

Baker Skateboards banner

Black Label Skateboards banner. Both measure about 3′ x 2′.

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Vintage BLACK LABEL “Skip Pronier” Pro Model Skateboard Everslick

Getting a blow up doll for Christmas would be a great gift. So why not buy this vintage Black Label Skateboard that sk82dth is selling. This everslick deck came out in the early 90’s as a Pro Model for Skip Pronier.

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Rare Black Label Skateboards Long Sleeve Shirt

Anyone in the market for a vintage Black Label Shirt. fantasticof has a old Black Label shirt for sale. I will say finding used skate tees is hard.

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1985 NOS Schmitt Stix John Lucero X-1 Skateboard Deck

I bet when Black Label Skateboards owner John Lucero released this pro model back in the 80’s, he never thought it would be worth 100 dollars let alone the the 1000 plus its going for. Well it is, dipped in purple and released by Schmitt Stix this version of the classic deck is worth a lot to collectors. If you don’t believe check out how much 514robbieg is expected to bring in from this one sale.

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