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Black Flag Rip City Skateboard Rare and Autographed

elahnor is selling a rare autographed Black Flag deck from Rip City. This deck is signed by 8 members of the band.

* Henry Rollins

* Greg Ginn

* Kira Roessler (bass)

* Anthony Martinez (drums)

* Dez Cadena

* Keith Morris

* Bill Stevenson (drums)

* Chuck Dukowski (bass)

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You probably won’t see this again any time soon. Help this dude save his skate shop. I personally would let it go. I owned a shop and had to let go. At some point you have to weigh the good and the bad.

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sdn1019 is selling a limited edition Jay Adams deck. I’m not sure if this from Dogtown Skateboards or some independent company. The deck is signed and numbered by Jay Adams. There is also a poster included, which is also signed, both are numbered 21/300.

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OUTOFSTEP is waiting for you.

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Vintage Powell Peralta 1987 Lance Mountain Primitive 2 Skateboard Signed

ilike2sk8 has a vintage Lance Mountain deck for sale. I’m not big on autographed items from Ebay. The seller says this deck is signed by Lance. Now I don’t know if you care about that. I’m more psyched to get a vintage Primitive 2 deck. Sure its ripped up but you can still display it.

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Vintage Tony Hawk Deck Signed by Lance Mountain

discgolfnrob is selling a vintage Tony Hawk deck signed by Lance Mountain. That’s right Lance Mountain signed this Hawk deck back in the 80’s. Hey it’s Tony if that’s what you were looking for but Lance was still in the Bones Brigade so that’s cool.

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Krooked Skateboards X John “Tex” Gibson

wouldsk8boards2011 is selling an John “Tex” Gibson guest deck from Krooked. I know it weird to not see the cattle skull, but this deck is cool. Bonus: the deck is signed by Tex.

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Vintage Powell Peralta 1980 Vato Rat Skateboard Deck Autographed

wmdevo917 has a great story about this Powell Peralta Vato Rat deck he is selling. “This a original Powell Peralta Vato Rat.. I am the original owner.. I bought this board in the 1980’s from a store in woodbridge NJ named “freestyle”when the store was going out of business.. I traveled to the bones brigade 1988 summer tour at “brave new world”( still have tour sticker) where I got Kevin Harris and Tommy Guerrero to sign it alone with Andy Howell.. They where amused with the board then..I then brought the board to a SMA demo where I got Jim Thiebaud and Natas to sign it..my goal was obtain as many signatures from my era of skating as possible but it remained in my friends skate shop.. I own many boards and this is one that is hard to part with but needs to be with a collector.. I will email any photos and answer any questions.. This is such an amazing board.. Real history.. Thank you. “

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1988 Santa Cruz Rob Roskopp Face 2 autographed

Now here is deck that you don’t see everyday. 80sskateboardscom is selling this rare Santa Cruz Skateboards Rob Roskopp deck from 1988. This is of course a varioation on the classic face deck. Definitely have not seen this one before on here. The seller even got it autographed.

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Salman Agah X Ill Repute X BlackLabel

towerkv76 is selling a vintage Salman Agah Black Label deck. I remember when this Ill Repute inspired deck dropped. I bought five for my shop. I thought it would sell quick. Sadly they did not. Kids really are fucking stupid, they don’t know good music. I did however give one to Aaron Dalbec from Bane who said he wanted a cool deck. Salman was one of my favorite skaters but especially for one reason. He is a brown skater who wasn’t African American or Hispanic. It sounds stupid but being brown in a sport that doesn’t have many brown people inspires other brown kids to skate. That and he obviously likes Punk and Hardcore. So me being brown and into Punk and Hardcore I found some common ground. Oh I almost forgot this deck is autographed too.

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Another Vintage Mike McGill Autographed deck

I can’t believe it’s another Mike McGill deck. chiparoog is selling one in great shape. He actually got this one autographed by Mike. The signature is in red on a nice white deck.

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QUASIMOTO – Madlib autographed Skateboard Deck – Zoo York

jusone543 is selling a rare Zoo York collaboration deck. The artwork is by Quasimoto and is autographed and numbered 61/75.

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