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Krooked Mark Gonzales Sweatpants complete

Here’s a cool lil’ Mark Gonzales complete from nicholasrennels. This Krooked Gonz graphic features images from the classic “Sweatpants” graphic. Board is extremely gently skated. It looks like someone set this up and skated it down the block and back and that’s it.

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NOS Krooked Mark Gonzales 2003 deck

Here’s another joint from blackhawk1496‘s collection. This is a Mark Gonzales pro model by Krooked from `03 featuring some of Mark’s artwork. I wish the seller would’ve uploaded pics of the top graphics but whatevZ.

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Rare ATM Jeremy Deglopper Iron Maiden Powerslave Skateboard

mindcontrol_minions is selling an ATM Click Skateboard. This Jeremy Deglopper deck came out back in the early 2000’s. There a few Iron Maiden inspired graphics, Killers,The Trooper,Powerslave and I believe two more but I cannot remember. This is a great deck to own especially if you are an Iron Maiden fan. Check out ATM Click for all the latest graphics.

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Plan B Ronnie Bertino 90’s vintage Skateboard

Back in the day Plan B had all the dope skaters that were not on Girl or World/Blind. The team was super tech and always went big. Ronnie Bertino is one of those superstar skaters that faded out to quick. He was doing all the crazy switch shit before it was cool to skate switch. kathlebb is selling a rare Plan B deck that features aome weirdo artwork. Ronnie Bertino is now currently the domestic sales manager for ATM Click. He has been doing that job for a while, I remember talking to him when I started ordering decks from them. He hooked me up with one of the Iron Maiden decks and a hat. Good look Ronnie

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