Vintage Powell Peralta 1980 Vato Rat Skateboard Deck Autographed

wmdevo917 has a great story about this Powell Peralta Vato Rat deck he is selling. “This a original Powell Peralta Vato Rat.. I am the original owner.. I bought this board in the 1980’s from a store in woodbridge NJ named “freestyle”when the store was going out of business.. I traveled to the bones brigade 1988 summer tour at “brave new world”( still have tour sticker) where I got Kevin Harris and Tommy Guerrero to sign it alone with Andy Howell.. They where amused with the board then..I then brought the board to a SMA demo where I got Jim Thiebaud and Natas to sign goal was obtain as many signatures from my era of skating as possible but it remained in my friends skate shop.. I own many boards and this is one that is hard to part with but needs to be with a collector.. I will email any photos and answer any questions.. This is such an amazing board.. Real history.. Thank you. “

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